We are Mintter

Mintter is a peer-to-peer collaborative publishing platform. Authors create and distribute content via direct person-to-person connections without any central servers. It is a new distribution channel that you control without gatekeepers.

We improve hypertext authoring with content graphs, atomic and readable addressing system, bidirectional linking, and visible connections. It is easier for Authors to write and publish content alone or in effortless collaboration with other Authors, while Readers learn more through different perspectives and contexts.

Our cryptographic approach makes it possible to reuse content while preserving authorship and collecting royalties.


Augment our collective intelligence by providing a better trust-less collaboration platform to Authors, Publishers, and Readers.

Problem to Solve

Humans need better collaboration and thought tools to solve ever more complex problems. However, the goal of most content companies today, basically social media or click-bait media, is to generate advertising by competing for our attention through emotion manipulation.

The public sphere has become, more than ever, a platform for advertising instead of a platform for constructive dialogue and critical debate. Conversations are fragmented, divisive, and plagued with disinformation that leads us to polarization.

An example of how the world of publishing works nowadays:

An epidemiologist expert writes an article about COVID-19 in your city's online newspaper. Many people will read it. Some trolls will comment on the article, and some others will share it through a messenger app, igniting heated conversations.

The expert's knowledge will start fading away slowly, without any educative reviews, challenging responses, or other informative perspectives. No one will learn anything—neither the policymakers, nor the audience, nor even the author. The article will become another failed opportunity as a society to solve a complex problem.

The main drawback is the actual silence of the expert that will shy away from all the noise. The social dialogue that brings learning and progress to society is not possible with the current digital tools.


The good news is that innovative solutions to achieve a better social dialogue already exist. A long list of visionaries of the 20th century proposed many ideas to this problem, arguably starting with Vannevar Bush's article As We May Think, published in 1945.

We need to action their incredible legacy! We need to look into the first human-computer interaction pioneers of the 50s and 60s, the hypertext hype of the 80s, Usenet, BBSs, the cryptographers mailing list, the p2p community, or the local-first crew.

In Mintter, we love to sieve through this history of tools, searching for precious grains of wisdom, projecting them onto today's world's problems, and letting them drive our research and experimentation. For instance, we are:

  • Experimenting with a better hypertext authoring system deeply inspired by Doug Engelbart and Ted Nelson.
  • Developing a citing system based on cryptography and distributed systems.
  • Foreseeing Lightning Network as the enabler of a fair royalty system.

Tech Stack

We are building an application, a protocol, and a decentralized network for content creation and publishing for which we lean heavily on libp2p and IPFS.

We derive significant inspirations from SSB, Dat, BitTorrent, and other P2P protocols. We like the great possibilities of the gossip protocol together with the nature of social connections.

The backend is in Go. The frontend is in TypeScript with React, and for the Editor, we are using Slate JS.

Who are we

We are a team of three founders, @hhg2288, @burdiyan, and @GaboHBeaumont. We are passionate about innovation, social progress, and open protocols.

Previously, we have created socks, advertising, solar, and sustainable mobility companies. We are committed to many open-source software projects, education, and mentoring.

We work remotely, and we come from distant places in the world: Iberia, Siberia, and Central America. We are always looking for nomads all over the world to become part of the Mintter Revolution.

Building a Team

We are a small team with a strong vision and highly execution-oriented capacity. We work remotely and asynchronously. We are technologists, always fascinated by the latest technologies out there.

We are looking for people that share our vision and our strong feeling of purpose in building a critical collective intelligence through reliable, collaborative networks of knowledge. If you feel inspired by our mission, please, we would love you to contact us to team@mintter.com. Currently, We are hiring!

Signed by Mintter Team