Mintter is Hiring

Tech Stack

We are building an application, a protocol, and a decentralized network for content creation and publishing for which we lean heavily on libp2p and IPFS.

We derive significant inspirations from SSB, Dat, BitTorrent, and other P2P protocols. We like the great possibilities of the gossip protocol together with the nature of social connections.

The backend is in Go. The frontend is in TypeScript with React, and for the Editor, we are using Slate JS.

Job Description

We are a small team with a strong vision and highly execution-oriented capacity. We work remotely and asynchronously. We are technologists, always fascinated by the latest technologies out there.

We are looking for people that share our vision and our strong feeling of purpose in building a critical collective intelligence through reliable, collaborative networks of knowledge. If you feel inspired by our mission, please, we would love you to contact us. Currently, We are hiring!

Right now, taking into account our context of Bootstrapping, we are looking for a frontend developer passionate about text editors. The main job is developing a text editor for structured hierarchical documents (similar to Notion or Roam). The salary range we can offer goes from 30k to 50k USD depending on the level you have (junior-mid, senior...).

These are most of the things that should describe yourself:

  • You are a JavaScript Developer with enough experience to feel comfortable approaching the unknown (or Mid-to-Senior, whatever you want to call it!).
  • You worked with complex data structures and complex transformations.
  • You break down complex problems into meaningful pieces and turn them into an easy-to-follow, readable solution.
  • You love React.
  • You do whatever it takes to complete the tasks you agreed to with your team. Really, Whatever it takes!
  • Even though you don't necessarily build beautiful UIs, you can implement any design and respect the Design System in place.
  • You feel uncomfortable shipping code that is not tested. You force yourself to test the critical logic.
  • You love ASTs and unifiedjs.
  • You can style simple components using Tailwind without looking at the docs (just kidding, but you at least used Tailwind for a decent amount of time).
  • Familiar with SlateJS or similar rich text editor libraries. If you have experienced with Slate or similar text editor libraries, contact us even if you do not meet the other criteria.

If this sounds like you and you are interested in the challenge, please send us an email to with Why you are the best fit for Mintter.

Cheers and have a Great Day!