🧑‍💻 Syntax Highlighting for Code Blocks

Developers and technical writers expect syntax-highlighted code. Our improved code block in the editor allows you to select the code language for your syntax highlighting, and will color your code accordingly.

🤝 Account mentions is here!

Now you are able to mention other accounts by their alias!!
Please feel free to mention other accounts and start playing with this new feature. We are also working on a way to see all your mentions so stay tuned!
mentions with the accounts dropdown open

🎉 More New Features

Improved Metrics dashboards for dev performance monitoring

🐛 Bug Fixes

Account un-pin button in sidebar works again
Better handling of error when loading daemon info from Settings > App Info
Editor: Fix scroll offscreen when pressing enter
Editor: Fix indentation behavior of media blocks
Sites: Fixed hydration to improve loading of pages

Release blockers

fix auto-update schedule in Linux
wrapping a mention inside a link removes the mention