Project: Group Organization


Site owners have expressed the need of organizing their site better than the current product allows.
A site home page currently lists all content that has a pretty path in the group, and publishers require more control over the navigation on a site
In the app, readers should be encouraged to consume content in the way that the owner/editors desire. But any app user should have the ability to read the full content, as if they were an owner/editor.


We would implement a new sidebar that will appear when you open the group. The sidebar will have a navigation structure that will be shared for all readers and members of the group, and will also appear as the site sidebar.
The group front doc will be roughly the same as it currently is, with the members listed above.
Each item has a dropdown for customization. In the case of "All Documents" and eventually the feed, there is an option to hide from site. When hidden, the item disappears from the site, and on the app the item goes to the bottom of the list and is greyed out but still selectable.
There will also be a workflow to categorize a document when it is published to a group
The navigation details will be saved to the group attributes and handled with a new API


2 weeks with frontend and backend collaboration

Rabbit Holes

A category could either collapse a list of documents in the sidebar, or it could link to a list page

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