Simplify media form state and interaction

type: #Project
status: shaping


the input state for media elements is too complex. we should simplify it. we were trying to copy Notion's UI but we don't really need to copy everything to the pixel.
I believe with a simple component we can achieve a better result


The main thing we need to remove from the media components is the popup we have to upload or paste the URL of the media element. while this was a good idea before, I believe is not necessary anymore and we can simplify it with the same result.
UI mockup proposal
Here's a UI mockup example for what I'm proposing
The top state should be the default, with no media element state
the below state should be when we drag a media on top of it, it could be a file, an image or a video.
we can simplify the default state to just have one button, if we decide that if the button is clicked and the input is empty, that means that we want to upload from the machine.
we do have the drop media state when the media element have a media already, we need to move this state to the outer media component


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