Project: Settings design Upgrade

type: #Project
status: shaping


Currently the settings page does not have the best organization.
current settngs page

Overall UI feeling

I really like the MacOS look and feel of the settings pages, but we can leave this overall UI change to the future.

Content organization

I suggest this new organization:


Gateway settings: we can use similar UI as in the Onboarding. a select with all the options we bake it into the app and a custom option that will make an input available.
App Info
Account Info: all the account info data
App Data: everything inside the Application Info
Sponsorship: the same
Experiments: the same
Developers: the same but with a little change in the UI for each item

Time scope

The importance for this is not much, but now that we are storing app data like the gateway I found it important we bring some order to the settings page.