What do we agree?
A document needs to be published at least to one Space.
When a document is published to a Space, it inherits the Space member roles.
The problem is knowing when you revoke a member what changes should apply to the document. The problem happens when there are multiple members in a group of documents.
Multiple owners need to support Multiple Universes. (Kleppmann thing.)
For bigger communities, we need an account consistency.
We want one Dictator to achieve permission content consensus.
When te
We want to accept the forking universe.
Space identity is compromised.
We can't break the links that are looking at the space.
We can play with the domain and the rotation keys.
Make permanent links independent from the Space Identity.
Supporting DIDs could help.
Group ID
Like Publisher ID and AuthorID.
Group revoke access:
Publisher ID
Hypermedia branches the revoked owner.


What is the difference between a Space
We w
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