Home Activity Feed

As our team has started to use the app more and more, we struggled to notice updates to documents and groups, and when new comments come in. So we are introducing an activity feed as the new home screen of the app. You can infinitely scroll down to see the entire history of all content that has been synced to your computer.
When new content happens while you're on the feed, a "new updates" button appears at the top, so you can always discover new content.

Document Commenting

We have been testing commenting as an experimental feature for a few weeks, and it has completely changed the way we use the product. So now it will be enabled for all users.
You can create a comment by clicking on the "Comments" button in the lower right corner of a document, or you can comment on a single block by clicking on the floating comment button on the right side of a block.

More New Features

Accounts and groups are pushed to web gateway when copying their URL
Improved developer performance monitoring features

Bug Fixes

Improved performance of group list and contact list
Fix UI when you have no groups to publish to
Fix when publishing to a group immediately after creating it
Group path renaming is now disabled for non-editors of the group
More consistent interactions of media blocks in the editor
Fixed issue in draft when code block is empty