Rebranding Mintter Hypermedia


Since the inception in 2019, our app and company have been known as Mintter. In late 2023 we introduced Hypermedia, our open content protocol.
We invite other developers to join the Hypermedia movement and develop their own apps on the protocol and open source infrastructure. Together we are building a future for the web that is permanent, organized, signed, and decentralized!
Today we are renaming ourselves to "<> Hypermedia". We are the team in control of the <> app. Other developers may not mimic <> (although they are welcome to contribute through pull requests!). We will keep the app open source, so you can fork and rename to use the app code for your purposes.
We plan to make money by providing services that enhance the Hypermedia experience, such as content storage and web distribution. The <> app will provide easy access to these services, and will support connection to third-party services as well.

Rebranding Procedure


Prepare various graphics:
blog post
release banner
social media icons and banners, homepage banner
Text for social media
Github descriptions+bio
Twitter bio
Announcement copy
Secure domain names/social media handles

Launch Day

Announce new name to community
Tweet new banner image and announcement text
Mintter is Rebranding to <> Hypermedia
Short text that emphasizes the meaning behind our new brand, reminding people what we stand for
Rename Discord Server
Announcement post in discord right before the rename, using @here
Rename Git Org + Repo
Remind devs to move over to new repo location
Code Renaming
Create or move Group to Domain: or other domain
App Name and Icon. Maybe for the next release, or maybe launch on release day