Discover Content User Tasks

Trust and Untrust Contacts
Verify Identity
Add Social Media Proofs
Web of Trust Social Network (N-Hops)
Pet Names
Public and Propagates
Subscribe and Unsubscribe Contacts
Subscriber gets all the signed content and the referenced material, 1hop.
Subscriber Stores and Distributes content
Public and doesn't Propagate
Watch per Entity could bring too much work to the Network.
Block Publicly a Contact
Public and Propagates
Block Privately
Mute a Contact
Subscribe and Unsubscribe Documents
Subscribe and Unsubscribe Groups (/with a Site)
See lightweight sync of their indexed information
Watch a Group's Content
Store and Distribute Content
Discover Content
Suggested Contacts and Groups: Profiles from x hops from your Contacts and Groups
See Untrusted Content with Lightweight sync of their indexed information
Index Metadata: Title, Author, Attributes, and Links
Suggested Citations
First Version
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