Hypermedia Editor

Create Hypermedia documents in the browser.

Current Status

At Hypermedia, we've been using a couple of Rich-Text editor libraries that helped us focus on other parts of the app. We started using Slatejs and now we are using BlockNote, which is a combination of Prosemirror and Tiptap.
While both of these libraries are great, we believe we need to have full ownership over the libraryr that helps our users generate content in the Hypermedia System.

Why not keep using BlockNote and contribute to it?

Good question. I really don't know. this decision is a combination of "I want to really understand EVERYTHING about the whole process and I don't want to bother Yousef with super niche requirements we might have (and we have very specific needs no other normal user needs..).
I'm open to collaborate with the BlockNote team and bounce ideas to make both libraries improve and help other devs get better editors!.


Apache 2.0 (use whatever you want!)