Q1 - Product Ready

Dogfooding: functionalities that will move us to use Mintter Hypermedia for the End of February
10 Active Communities by the end of March


Experimental Commentary
Links UX Consistency and Latest @z6Mks...ESQGx @z6Mkq...RcgWp @z6Mkg...A7cgt
Editor Improvements
Draft corruption
Fix 20 issues
Cursor and Backoff
Push to


Editor Improvements @horacio @Iskak
Continue Fixing issues.
Global Activity Feed @eric @eric
Quick Switcher/Recents @Eric
Link Resolver in the Backend
Inline Embeds
Mentions @horacio
Basic Performance Metrics
Open Source Python CLI Client


Conversations Visible Connections. @z6Mks...ESQGx
Group/Document Feed @z6Mkj...d4w8w @z6Mkq...RcgWp
Experiment with Forum UI - Collapse Viewspec
Feed to see Comments.
GroupSite Navigation @z6Mkq...RcgWp
Hierarchical Libraries
External Links

Q2 - Onboarding+Retention

First 100 Communities by the end of June


Delete Content @z6Mkj...d4w8w
App Navigation
Outline Menu and Information Organization
Update the publishing and composing workflows to the Navigation
Inbox - Notifications
A badge in the Main UI
Improve Commentary Section
Outline UX
Resolve Comments
Inbox View
Direct Mentions
Replies to your comments
Changes to your documents
Comments to your documents
Future: Multidevice to sync Notification State
Basic Business Metrics @z6Mkj...8tbko
Fine-tune app Onboarding and Invites
Mnemonics Back-Up User Task.
Add and Block a Contact for Social Graph Propagation and P2P Networking@z6Mkg...A7cgt @z6Mks...ESQGx @z6Mkq...RcgWp @z6Mkj...d4w8w


Garbage Collection @z6Mkg...A7cgt
Document/Groups Attributes
App/Client Logic
Cover Images
Site Publishing Improvements @z6Mkq...RcgWp @z6Mks...ESQGx
Web Conversations
Site Maps
Better Cards
Homepage, remove document list
External Metadata Annotations
Reported Content
Generate Knowledge Structures


Improved Conversations and Discussions
Author Resolves Comments.
Group Curation of Conversations
Author Removes Comments.
Discussions with a Forum UI
Participants Role
Pinning+Sites on subdomains.
Custom domains for hosted sites.

Q3 - Users Acceleration

Hyper Academia by the end of August
Discover Content
SBB Author/Site N-hops Lightweight Indexed Information Syncing
Indexed Linkbases Syncing
Site Lightweight Indexed Information Syncing
Improve App Performance
1000 Communities by the end of September
Hyper Academia Conference by the end of August
In-App Sent - Withdraw Lightning
App Payments
Instant Conversations
Fine-grained Links
Group Curation/Moderation

Q4 - Time for Revenue

Digital Rights Ready by the end of November
Secret Documents
Copyright Claims
Pay for sites + pinning
Paywall on Sites for Secret Documents
charge for multidevice E2E encrypted sync
DRM Services

Maybe happening in 2024

Email Newsletters
Multidevice Sync: drafts, notifications

Not happening in 2024

App Plugin system
Site Plugin/Templating System