Visual queue for collapsed blocks

I'm working on this part for the Project: Range Embeds+Links project.
There are a couple visual queues we need to consider now that we can have collapsed blocks.
The first one is the ability to collapse/expand the block's children. this can be achieved by conditionally rendering a button that toggles this state. I'm doing this with a icon button with a "chevron" up or down depending on the current state.
The next queue we need is to express the fact that a block is collapsed. This can be achieved in this two proposals:
permanently show the chevron button with the collapsed state
This is how VSCode express the "collapsed" state. you can see the "Chevron" icon on the left side of the parent line.
use another visual queue to represent this collapsed state
This is how RoanResearch does it.
when hovering the bullet
list expanded
bullet hover with list expanded
I'm not sure which "visual queue" we can/should use specifically for when the block is collapsed and we don't have a bullet or a numbered item.
Please I would love some help! thanks!
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