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I am testing my profile Document. Content Organization and Categorization must happen around documents, headings, and outline views. This experience is superior to organizing content in Folders.


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The Future of Innovation Journalism
Minute 7:50 Media has lost minde share to independant journalists.

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I didn't know about the story of Citizendium, a similar project from Wikipedia from one of its cofounders, Larry Sanger.
I understand that Larry was against the direction Wikipedia took at some time. Here are Citizendium Charter :
It planned to achieve this by requiring virtually all contributors to use their real names, by strictly moderating the project for unprofessional behavior, by providing "gentle expert oversight" of everyday contributors, and through "approved articles" which have undergone a form of peer-review by topic experts with credentials.
'Nobody should trust Wikipedia,' its co-founder warns: Larry Sanger says site has been taken over by left-wing 'volunteers' who write off sources that don't fit their agenda as fake news

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