On Addressing Systems

@z6Mkp...nCnFp often brings up the topic of human-readable addresses, and their importance in our system, which is also something Engelbart talked about a lot.
As much as I agree with the claim in general, I think there're some trade-offs that one has to keep in mind when thinking about addressing systems. Broadly speaking, I think it's impossible to create an addressing system that has all of the following proprties:
Human-readable addresses.
Memorable addresses. E.g. Notion-style links which combine slug and ID (https://notion.so/the-slug-of-my-document-<document-id>) are human-readable, but not memorable (because of the document ID part).
Portable and self-contained names. I.e being able to send the address to someone, so that it can be unambiguously resolved.
Decentralized, trustless, and consensusless.
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