Project: Group and Account Spaces


hm://...1h5Hp goes into more detail but basically we are having troubles when storing the references of Group and Account Home documents rather than storing the document content in the proper entity.

Duplicated Entities

Home docs show up as independent entries in the launcher and document lists. The easiest solution is to not store these as document

Account Spaces

We want to store an index of named references/pathNames on the Account like we do for the Group. Which will make an account behave like a space.

Conflicting Timelines/History

A group home document or an account home ("rootDocument") may have different histories from the entity itself.

Versions on Groups+Accounts

At this point we should bring the versioning features from documents to the other entities.
This means we should be able to browse version history of all group content (currently the members API throws an error when querying for a previous version).
Also we should be able to browse the history of the account profile, which will allow us to see when somebody changes their name+photo, and see the history of their home document.


We will deprecate the fields which reference the home document from Accounts and Groups. This is the account.profile.rootDocument and the group.content["/"] fields.
The frontend will make sure that future edits to these documents are saved directly in the Group and Account entities.
The backend will add the document's content(blocks) feature to the Group and Account entities. And the group index (pretty paths) will be supported by the account so people can name custom documents in their personal space.
We will also need draft support for the groups and accounts so that the normal editor workflow can ahppen.