Hypermmedia Structural Issues


We have a few problems with the structure of Hypermedia content in the current data model.
Fixing these issues will likely be invasive because they represent changes in the permanent signed data, meaning we will need to perform a migration of the existing content in the ecosystem.

Unnecessary References

From the user's perspective, a group and profile have block content, as the Group Home or Profile Home. This is currently achieved by referencing a document from the group content using the / entry in the paths, and by referencing a profile home in the profile.rootDocument field.
This results in extra blobs being created when changing these home documents. An even bigger artifact of this issue is that there are two histories. You can navigate the history of the group+account, which may have a similar (or not!) history when compared to the history of the home document itself.

Duplicated Entities

An extension of the above issue, group and account home documents will be listed in the list of documents, and they are listed as documents in the quick switcher.
Users may get confused when they intend to open a group or profile, but they wind up opening the home document instead.

Explicit Branching

A well-known issue on our team, is the inability to create clear (named) branches of documents when the user intends to work in a seperate space.

Document and Group Duplication

A user may decide to duplicate a document so the content can be repurposed for another reason.
It may be possible to manually copy content from one document to a new document, but that will break the attribution feature!
This duplication functionality would also support the concept of templates. For example our Hypertuesday documents which always follow the same structure, could be forks of a template.