Project: Merge Suggested Changes


When other people make changes to your documents, there is no clear workflow to accept those changes into your document.


Create a new right panel for the document called "Suggested Changes", which will include all changes that have not been merged into the current branch of the document.
There will be a new merge button that appears when changes have been selected. When you click it, it will merge and publish the selected changes to the current variant.
Also we may want the "Edit" button to behave like an "Edit Merge" button, allowing you to make edits on top of the selected merge. This would create a draft based on the combined version of these changes plus the current version.
The main document panel will allow users to preview the merged version, and it will highlight the changes that are being merged.


The new merge API supports this use case already, so this is a frontend only project.
Frontend: 1-2 weeks. The diff UI may be difficult because it works with editor logic to do the comparison.

Rabbit Holes

How to manage cases where the user is looking at an older version of the document when they open this panel?