Mintter Hypermedia System Description

Network Topology

Local p2p nodes in the user devices.
Web sites that sync the information from the publisher's device to a server.
Web Gateway maintain by Mintter Inc. or any other entity with the goal of serving content to the Web.
P2P gossiping flow
A node automatically redistributes content to its peers.

Open Hypertext Documents

Interactive information that enables collaboration.

Live Documents

Version Control that manages the document history in a decentralized context, without a central server. It allows identifying all contributions per author and the provenance of the content.

App Use Cases

An Author publishes new content
Author and Publisher is the same entity
Creative Commons 4.0
Attribution comes by default
Hypermedia Document with text, video, images
A Group of Authors participates in the new content
Author and Publisher is the same entity
Creative Commons 4.0
Attribution comes by default
Suggested Changes (as in Docs or Word)
Publish existing/copyrighted content
Author and Publisher are different.
Attribution Capabilities: Metadata, Bibtex, Canonical Source.
Other Peers can annotate the content as Propietary Content:
The system will restrict Redistribution.
Publish existing/copyrighted Content to share with a Book Club or Classroom.
Restricted Redistribution
Educational Use removes Bitcoin Payments
Adding References to Another Mintter Document
Adding References to External Sources
Canonical Sourcing + references/link to origin + archiving with other + Fair Use/Derechos de Cita.
This triggers the archival process. Archive means that your computer will store a copy, but it won't redistribute it to other peers.
Other Users will download content from a link without the p2p distribution capabilities.
Annotate content as Proprietary:
Assume that all external content is Proprietary License.
If you want add content as mintter original,


Wikipedia uses Creative Commons share-a-like:
What if restrictive content I archive it with a canonical link. If the canonical or Source links breaks, then can i redistribute?
Canonical Source
Archival Copy
Personal Use, Read it Later, ..
Button: Preserve / Archive Content
Fair Use, derecho cita.
Our own Conversation over external references
extract quote
archive without redistribution.
Copyright Concepts
Fair Use
Educational Use