Update Embed design to show side annotation


Embed design now is not great. it serves its purpose to clearly differentiate the content from the publication and the embedded content but we can do better


Add a side annotation section to all blocks

Wireframe of the new side annotation section
this section purpose is to enable each block to show annotations relevant to the block content. For embeds this means to show the Document data from the embed inside this section
We can use this new space for other content:
actual content annotations
the block controls (copy blockID, create comment...)

Update embed's UI

Since we do consider Embedded content part of the outline of a document, we also can make sure this content looks the same as the actual content in the document. The difference is that we could use this annotation space to add the embed metadata
Example document embed.
You can see in the image above that the actual content does not have any difference from the document's content, but we render a colored line on the right that expands to all the embedded content, and the document title + other metadata on the side annotation section.


1 week

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