Mintter technical guide


Mintter is a decentralized knowledge collaboration application. It’s built on IPFS, it’s peer-to-peer (P2P), and strives to be local-first. This document assumes that readers are at least somewhat familiar with the mentioned concepts, and with what Mintter is about. Version 2


An open protocol for collaboration and sharing permanent knowledge
Terra - IPFS network + semantic content types for documents and discussion
Aqua - gRPC over p2p protocol for sharing links to Terra content
Aer - Web protocol for introducing users into HyperDocs
The HyperDocs protocol is initially designed by the Mintter team but is ultimately defined by community consensus.


The desktop app that the Mintter team develops. Provides the following features
Cross Platform - Runs on Windows, macOS, Linux
Peer-to-Peer - Does not rely on any centralized servers
Offline First - Works great even if your computer is frequently offline


The web gateway that the Mintter team develops

Mintter Documents

Mintter Documents are containers of content blocks, arranged in hierarchical tree structures.
Anyone can create content blocks, edit them, move around blocks or whole subtrees of blocks.
Published documents can be linked from other documents, and you can bring in portion of some document into your own document, always keeping the trace to the original. This is called a Transclusion.
Many of the challenges we faced trying to develop such a system on top a decentralized network like IPFS didn’t have easy plug-and-play solutions at the time. This includes:
Decentralized Identity
Version Control
Rich Hypertext Capabilities

High-Level Architecture


As mentioned in the introduction, we want our app to follow the principles of the local-first software. The original paper (linked above) is a highly recommended read.
We believe that P2P technology could enable superior local-first experiences, and we bet on IPFS and Libp2p to become major parts of this journey.

Desktop App

Mintter is a desktop app. Here’re some images and videos (click to expand).
Here are some screenshots of the current application
We created this Mintter Showcase Video Playlist to show some of the core features you can find in the current Desktop app.