Project: Group Page Organization


Site owners have expressed the need of organizing their site better than the current product allows.
A site home page currently lists all content that has a pretty path in the group, and publishers require more control over the navigation on a site
In the app, readers should be encouraged to consume content in the way that the owner/editors desire. But any app user should have the ability to read the full content, as if they were an owner/editor.



Firstly, we will implement new fields on the Group Entity to support "guides", which is a structure of links.
type GuideLink {
  title: string // the text that will appear on the link
  ref: string // the hypermedia link
  children: GuideLink[] // links that are organized under this one
Group Guides will be editable by the owner or editors of a group.

Group Organization

Next, we will re-organize the group page in the app to include tabs.
Home is the front document of the group, the Feed tab is not built yet, the guide is new new link tree, and all content is the list of all paths in the group
To the right of the tabs there is a gear button where the owner and editors can change the order of the tabs, and disable some sections. The dropdown right of the tabs allows readers to access the hidden sections.


Sites will display the tabs that are enabled.
The sidebar will show the guide, or the existing list of all content, if the guide is not set up.


1-2 weeks of backend
1-2 weeks of frontend

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