2024.5.1 Release Notes

Release Blockers

when I try to open hm://...Cttho I get this error:
Change of order in hooks on CreateDropdown Button @z6Mkq...RcgWp

Optional Fixes

Open Graph image is rendering blocks horizontally, not vertically


add create group button to the titlebar when we render the list of groups @z6Mks...ESQGx
fix document embed title vertical alignment @z6Mks...ESQGx
remove site url button when there's no group site URL @z6Mks...ESQGx
fix text overflow ellipsis to sidebar items @z6Mks...ESQGx
animate reference highlights (yellow background). Now only shows 1 second after the route includes the reference and then turn into transparent @z6Mks...ESQGx
fix mention list items height. when rendering inline embed mention options, now the items take the necessary height depending on the text length. @z6Mks...ESQGx
respect white space on block rendering. when creating line breaks on blocks, and adding spaces below the spaces were not showing. not they do. @z6Mks...ESQGx
when copying a block ref, we add the expanded flag by default @z6Mks...ESQGx
Make the main container of pages shrink properly with the window size @z6Mks...ESQGx
Add content before mentions when the mention is the first node of a block @z6Mks...ESQGx
Fix error not rendering Group card embeds @z6Mks...ESQGx