Latest Version Embeds

Often when embedding into another document, you want to reference the latest version from a given variant, rather than the exact version ID that you pasted.
In embeds you can now select "latest" from the "version" dropdown, where you can decide between embedding the locked version reference that you copied, or the current variant.
A Hypermedia embed with the latest version selected

Flat Heading Hierarchy

Hypermedia documents enable a hierarchical structure. Until now this was represented with indentation. People generally expect that un-indented text under a heading is logically grouped under the heading, and now this is possible in the editor.
While editing, a line appears on the left, to indicate the section you are currently inside.
A demonstration of hierarchal structure that would previously require indentation

Variant URL formats

A document variant determines the channel of updates for deciding the latest version of a document. The variant is either the set of authors whose changes you accept, or the group where the document is published.
With the new &b= query param, we support linking to the exact variant where you copy the link from. You can also add &l to the URL to link to the latest version of that variant.
This variant URL is used to decide the "latest version" from the dropdown in the embed.

More new Features

Added config endpoint on web sites for debugging configuration
hyper.media gateway again will query for documents using DHT if not found
hyper.media gateway provides link into app when document is not found

Bug Fixes

Routes are now validated on app startup
Updated Tamagui, styles refreshed across the app
Group Variants always use latest reference from group
Fixed position of block side menu within editor
Duplicate groups will no longer appear in publication header when published to a group twice