Project: Enable in-page search for Publications and Drafts (cmd+F)

type: #Project
status: Shaping


We (specially @z6Mkp...nCnFp and @z6Mkg...A7cgt) have asked for this feature for a while.
We need a way to search for text inside the content of a publication and in a draft. sadly this feature that seems to be built-in in browsers is not enable by default in Electron. we need to find a way to build it as close as possible to it.


We will enable the keyboard command "mod+F" on the publication page and draft page
while the controls, the visuals and the behavior will be the same, we need to implement the feature two times because both publication and draft are different things (publication is normal react and drafts is the editor)
for now I believe we should limit the search to the content of the publication/draft. I still need to check if this is easier than implementing this for every text in the window (including buttons and app labels)
The UI we can do is a floating input where users can type what they want to find for and then we will "highlight" the results with yellow. in this floating Ui we will show the amount of results we get too.


2 weeks. maybe more depending on how complex the implementations are.

Rabbit Hole

Maybe one thing that we can leave out for this first iteration is the navigation between all the results