Project: Image Resize


Images inserted in the editor are often too large compared to other blocks, especially ones with portrait orientation. This is due to the fact that all blocks are adjusted to take up the full editor width. Because of that, documents become hard to read and edit, and frequent scrolling is required.


Adding image resizing functionality would fix this issue. The way blocknote handles image resizing should work fine with our implementation. They add two interactive handles to both sides of the image, which adjust image's width according to cursor's X position while dragging one of the handles.
A better solution might be to allow resizing both height and width and adjust image resolution to fit with object-fit: cover or fill. But I'm not sure because it can make the image stretched or pixelated, which doesn't look good.


1 week

Rabbit Holes

Adding this functionality to new media-render in a way that doesn't affect other media blocks.

No Goes