Add Document mentions to the Editor


Currently in order to link to a document you need to open it in another window, copy the link, go back to the draft an paste it. This is super annoying. we can do better.


Now that we have Project: Inline references to all entities (aka "mentions"), we are able to use the same mechanism and UI to build it for documents in the system.
As we discussed in previous meetings, we decided that the @ sign will be used to mention accounts and groups (yes we need to add groups to the mentions list) and [[ to mention documents searching by its title (in the future we might be able to search by all content in a document but that's not implemented yet).
This new autocomplete will use the newly created Launcher API. We will need to filter the results based on the type, so we will only suggest Documents instead of everything.
We might do the same for the mentions autocomplete, but filter the opposite (only show accounts and groups).
The @ character is going to list this entities in this order:
This will prioritize over the [[ behavior.
The [[ characters will only suggest documents


1 week.

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