HyperTuesday 44 - 024.5.21

Open Projects

Breadcrumbs @z6Mkq...RcgWp
Inline Embeds AKA Mentions are not part of the breadcrumbs for now.
The document published to a group should show the group in the breadcrumb.
Copy-paste and prioritize lists. @z6Mkv...pjBbW
Fix heading indentations in publications.
Rendering inline embeds when pasting
Rendering Fix the image.
limit the CMD+A copying @z6Mks...ESQGx
Compare Versions. @z6Mks...ESQGx @z6Mkj...d4w8w
Compare a draft to a version. We need an API. @z6Mkj...d4w8w
Compare two versions. NICE TO HAVE
Manage Conflicts.
Collaborative Changes: Draft Rebasing @horacio @Isavc3
Collaborative Editing between Collaborators.
Document Diffing
Review Conflicts in the same block.
Update draft.
Document Settings.
Branches, Groups, and Permissions R&D @z6Mkg...A7cgt



Upcoming Projects

Manage Collaborators (ACLs versus Caps) @burdiyan
Add Collaborators
Add Group Collaborators
Decent Conflict Managment
Branching Editing - Explicit Branches
Create a Branch
Select Branches
Move Branches to the Document Settings
Creating branches enables multiple drafts and private collaboration