Hypermedia Team Tools

On the Seed Hypermedia Team, we use the following tools for different purposes. We are undergoing a rebrand, so these accounts have the Mintter brand.

Seed Hypermedia

We use the app for all permanent documents, for public and internal use. The primary group where everything is organized is hm://...Cttho.
Historically we have used markdown in the git repo, and notion. Some of this older content needs to be migrated, and some may be lost. We are migrating these documents by hand.

GitHub Repository + Actions + Issues + Releases

We store our code in the Github repo, and we use Github actions to run releases.
All of our active issues/bugs/tasks are Github Issues.
Our app is released on the repo releases page.


We use Discord as a realtime and informal chat system, with a number of channels that are public for the community, or private. Join the Discord here.
Our regular team calls are also hosted on Discord, and we occasionally have public calls with the community

Twitter (X)

Our primary social media presence is our Twitter Account